A slot is a hollow at the base of the throat, above the breastbone. The word slots comes from Old French, from esclot, which means “to cut or provide with a slot.” Another meaning of the word is ‘to slide into,’ which is recorded from 1888. A slot is also a synonym of ‘deer track,’ which refers to an area between the faceoff circles and the scoring area.

You can map specific words or phrases to a slot. To do this, select the slot name in the Select Slot menu. The selected word/phrase now indicates the value of the slot. If you want to edit or delete the slot, you can do so in the Slots tab. You can even add custom slots. Just make sure to specify the name of the slot in the utterance before adding it. Then, you’re ready to use your new slots!

A slot is a hole in a computer’s motherboard that is used to connect memory cards or expansion boards to a computer. These cards can be purchased separately and add specialized capabilities to your computer. Virtually all desktop computers include slots for expansion. As such, installing expansion cards is easy, and almost all computers are built with slots for future upgrades. You can even add new memory and other hardware with this technology! Sockets have become the new way to expand a computer’s hardware.