A slot is a place, time or position where something can be inserted, placed, positioned or slipped. It is also the name for a hole or gap, especially one that is used to feed paper or other material into a machine.

A term for a group of slot machines, usually found in casinos or other public places. Each slot has a different theme and developers, and the slots are usually linked together by a carousel or similar device that allows players to change machines. The slots often have a themed soundtrack that is played in the background, and some even include a video game element.

On a video slot, the symbols that match on a winning line are shown in a window that is typically located above or below the spinning reels. The symbols can be the classical card suit symboles, like A(ce), K(ing), Q(ueen) and J(oker), or themed symbols fitting the theme of the machine.

In hockey, a player who shoots a puck from the high slot has a much better chance of scoring than someone who takes a shot from anywhere else on the ice. The high slot is located directly in front of the goalie between the face-off circles, and it is also the most dangerous spot on the ice. A player can score many goals by ripping a slap shot into the net from this position. A slot-based method of prioritizing work can benefit team productivity by helping to organize meeting schedules, consultations with staff and evaluation reviews.