In the Dialog Engine, the slot type maps to a discrete piece of information in an utterance. This allows bots to determine where to look in an utterance for information related to a particular slot. A slot type can have many different values. For example, a user might want to book a room for a specific date, which they can map to built-in or custom slot types.

In hockey, the slot is a rectangle, which extends toward the blue line. It is also a position on the ice that is used to demonstrate the flying display. The term slot is derived from the Latin word sleutano, which means ‘to slot’. In addition, the word is cognate with the German word schloss.

A slot machine pays out credits when multiple symbols line up. Pay tables are usually displayed on the machine’s face or in the help menu. In older machines, these tables would be displayed above and below the wheels. For video slot machines, these tables are located in the help menu. Slots also have different pay tables depending on the game they are playing.

In the 1990s, video slots began to be widely used. These video slots are similar to traditional machines, but display a video image instead of spinning reels. When these games first came out, players were skeptical of them because of the lack of reels. Today, however, manufacturers have added handles and reels to give the player the impression that they can control the outcome.