A slot (narrow aperture or groove) in which something can be placed. (computing) A space in memory or on a disk etc. in which a particular type of object can be stored. The game offers four save slots.

A position in a game of rugby or field hockey, especially one between the leader and two wingmen. Also, the area of a playing field marked off by the blue line.

Located in the Palais des Congres in Montreal, Canada, this massive showroom is abuzz with beeps and bells as well-dressed men and women push buttons and pull levers, watching cherries and sevens spin on liquid crystal displays. They aren’t there to have fun, though—they’re there to make money.

Writing an article about Slot requires research if you want to get it right. Getting information directly from the horse’s mouth is best, but for more obscure subjects it may be necessary to visit a website or demo version of the game you’re writing about and play it for yourself. Thorough testing will help you avoid common mistakes, and will give your readers the information they need to play.

This is a poor sentence because the subject, which should be what happened, doesn’t appear in the first slot, and the verb slot, where confused should have gone, is filled with the wrong piece: the fact that something went wrong, which could mean anything. A good writer knows the rules of slotting and uses them consistently.